by Acid Ghost

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An album inspired by-

Jenny Hval
Frank Ocean
French New Wave Films
Jean-Luc Godard
VU's White Light Album
Is The Is Are
Sandy Kim
Francesca Woodman
Andy Warhol

All songs written and produced by Ace Barcelon except "Life" written by Jessica Mayuga, "Solitude" written by Acid Ghost drummer Mikey Mendoza, and "Henry" which is a cover of the original, written by the band Soccer Mommy.

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released September 9, 2016



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Acid Ghost San Francisco, California

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Track Name: The Artist's High
I'm shaking
where did it go?
i need it
but you don't know

where is it
can you find it now?
we need it
since we feel down

can you tell me where it is before i die?
can you tell me since i need it inside?
can you tell me how it feels to be alive?
can you tell me how it feels inside?

can you tell me how it feels to be mine?
and can you feel the rush inside?

can you tell me how you feel?
Track Name: Downtown SF
can we go downtown on this sunny day?
and if you're upset and not okay
and your talking all this nonsense
make it all clueless
are you ready to love?

don't be shy with me
we're supposed to be together
so much love i feel makes it so unreal
when we're together

I've been thinking bout her
night time through the day..
Track Name: Dilemma
out of sunshine
there's nowhere to go
look in my eyes
try to find what you found before

is it old me gazing right at you?
is it old me trying someway to prove that

i still care
and that i fucked up
but can we please move on
or am i not enough

but then i still care
i know i fucked it up
but can we work it out
and can we not break up

out of my mind
its easy to see
most of my time
i try to make her believe

and i wasting my time can you tell me now?
and will you ever forgive me one day somehow?


i still care
and that i fucked up
but can we please move on
or am i not enough

i still care
i know i fucked it up
but can we work it out
and can we not break up

(does in matter?)
cus the sun is shining up today
should i go and change things up
or keep it the same?
Track Name: Right in My Mind
you've been right in my mind all day
there's so many things to say
you've been right in my mind all day
baby you're in my mind all day

cus i am never enough for her
never enough I'm sure
never enough for her
i am never enough for her

cus i've seen
many around you
making you smile too
which i'll never do
Track Name: Mistakes
i've been letting out mistakes
for all of you to hate
when 'm not okay
will all of you still be around?

when I'm lost
the white and brown i bought
when my medicine arrives
i feel very alive inside

its not okay
to always be in pain
when you're OD'ing who's gna be buy your side?
it's all you buy
and we're shooting all the time
and your friends will start to change
and your not really the same

you're not really the same

Ive been searchin' and i've been wondering..
Track Name: Letters
let's go gaze at stars
tell me which one shines the most
and even if we're far
let's look at the same star that shines and glows

tell me what you see
and i'll tell you where i'll be
you say we'll make it work
no matter how much the distance hurts

and i'll send you letters from miles away
i'll make sure that it gets to you
and you'll send me letter from miles away
and i promise that we'll make it through

i wanna hold your hand
but i can't from where i am
you're the one i really miss
but for now we gotta deal with this shit
Track Name: Walking Through a Storm
cus i feel so down
since i need you now
Track Name: Scribbles
crying out
for help
come and do some lines right now
lets shout
and tell
the secrets that we both found out

whats her name?
can you tell?
what kind of things does she go sell?
can we buy
the stuff?
its cus were running low and can't get enough
Track Name: Not the Same Person
she's calls me
and she asks if we can ride bikes
by the beach
then we'd go and bike til night

but i wanna be alone
and i don't even pick up my phone
the stuff got me you know
you tell me how much i've grown

and were growing at the speed of sound
you thought nothings gonna bring us down
but the drugs and i were bound
to come across and find me somehow

she ignores me
she thinks that I'm a waste
and i beg her
that I'm going to be okay
she doesn't believe in me anymore
and she doesn't believe in me anymore
and then we grow apart and
life takes its place.
Track Name: Vulnerable
Shoot it up
All of my fears and such
Away from all my luck
All today
Make it work
Into my vein you hurt
My body turns to dirt
So do you

And I don't know what to do
Just lay down and shoot
And paint the world through my eyes
I don't know that to do
Just lay down with you
And feel a rush all inside
All inside

New sky shines
On my unopened eyes
Few more hours
Of my trip
Throw it up
All my days are rough
Smiling hurts so much
But no one knows